Wednesday, June 30, 2010

.: Weekend @ Lavender : Part 5 :.

Last weekend, we spent our time together @ Puchong after 4 consecutive weekends @ Muar :)..

1. Saturday 26th June 2010

- Chill @ Jusco Puchong
- Watch Toy Story 3 with wife, Rayyan and Aleeya :)
- Had a Chinese Food dinner @ Mohd Chan Abdullah, Kelana Jaya ..Refer here for more detail about this restaurance

2. Sunday 27th June 2010

- Start onshift @ new place :)
- Wife and kids stay @ home..

Rayyan @ the restaurance..

Aleeya @ the restaurance..

.: Long Offday :. has been soo long i didn't update my blog..Since today was my offshift, so I'll try to update what ever happened during last weekened..This week I'm working 3 days and 4 days off..Hooraaay!!!

Below are some pic taken during my last day @ F-Secure on last 22nd June 2010..

My previous employee card :)..

My previous work place..

In the lift..

In front of the receiptionist counter..

F-Secure Walk Of Frame :)..

Pic with the banner..

Last card access touch..

Walk away from the office, sob, sob..

Friday, June 18, 2010

.: Farewell Party @ S'Mores Bangsar South :.

Hi..This week will be my last night shift in current company before heading to Cyberjaya..So on last Friday, our colleague arrange some farewell party for 4 of us (Me, Badrin, David and Asrul) @ S'Mores Bangsar South..

Below are some pics taken during the farewell party:

Happy face before lunch..

Best friend forever..

Ker, Asrul & Badrin @ S'Mores..

David and Foo having personal discussion..

Variety of choice @ S'Mores..

More choices on the menu..

XL Lamb Chop, my menu of the day..

Soup and drink..

Dessert of the day..

.: Taekwondo Exam : Part 2 :.

In the earlier post where Aleeya was attending her taekwondo exam, and the result.....Aleeya successfully passed her exam and received Yellow belt :D..

Yellow belt written Aleeya's name..

Aleeya pose with her newly crown Yellow Belt..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

.: Weekend @ Muar : Part 4 :.

Hei morning all..Seriously quit busy lately, thus no time to update my blog..Anyway here I'll update on what happened on last weekend :

1. Friday 11th June 2010

- On half day, heading to Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson
- Heading back to hometown

2. Saturday 12th June 2010

- Attend my cousin's Heri Wedding @ Parit Jawa
- Family gathering with my brother and family @ Parit Bunga

3. Sunday 13th June 2010

- Chill @ Jusco Melaka..Bought new Camel branded Jeans + Wallet :)
- Heading back to tired!!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Heri & Azanna!!

Aleeya and her cousins playing sand @ Tiara Beach Resort..

With Mak Long and family..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

.: Mines Cruise @ The Mines :.

Yesterday, I've spent my time with my sister in law and their family @ The Mines..They came to KL and stay @ our house for 2 days..

We arrived @ The Mines around 11.30am..At first we plan to go to Mines Wonderland, but the theme park ONLY start their operation @ 5pm..So we decided to take a chance for tour around Mines Resort City using the first Amphibious tour (Duck Tour) in Malaysia..

Below are some pics taken during our visit there :

Take pics @ the parking..

Queue for buying the ticket..

Mines Cruise Ticket Counter..

Overall of the tour..

Package their offer for the tour..

Had a lunch @ Big Apple..

Variety of choice @ Big Apple..

Arisya @ the Big Apple..

Aleeya and her cousins..

Wa Wa Splash Tour Badge..

In front of the Cruise..

Promotion free pic..

This is how it looks like "Amphibious tour"..

Pak Long and family..

Safety Info..

Golf Course View..

Sapura View..

VIP house View..

Golden Horses Hotel View..

Aleeya on the Wa Wa Boat..

Wa Wa Splash Tour In Memories..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

.: Weekend @ Muar : Part 3 :.

Hi...that has been long I didn't update my blog..Recently quite busy with activities during the weekend..

Below are some summary on what happened on last weekend :

1. Friday 4th June 2010

- On MC
- Sent my daughter to Abang Harun house @ Shah Alam..She joined the trip to Kedah with my family for Heri's Wedding
- Buy Arrayyan's diapers at Giant Kinrara since there is promotion for his diapers :)

2. Saturday 5th June 2010

- Received a shock news, our beloved Mak Ngah passed away - “Innalillah wa-inna ilaihi raji’un – Truly to Allah we belong, and truly to Him shall we return”
- Attend Kerol's Wedding @ Seremban
- Heading back to our hometown to give the last respect to her..The body has been buried at Bukit Mor Cemetary

3. Sunday 6th June 2010

- Attend our neighbor, Aeni's Wedding @ Parit Bunga
- Left our kids @ hometown :)
- Heading back to KL..It was a messy traffic jam when heading back to KL :(..

Aleeya on the bus before heading to Kedah..

Heri Wedding @ Kedah..

Rayyan @ Giant Kinrara..

More pic Rayyan @ Giant Kinrara..

Rayyan with Ibu, on the way to Kerol's Wedding..

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