Friday, January 29, 2010

.: Kuala Lumpur Aquarium :.

Kuala Lumpur Aquarium (also known as the KLCC Aquaria), located in KLCC, is a world-class aquarium that showcases animals and various types of colorful marine life species from Malaysia and around the world..

KLCC Aquaria is few minutes walk from KLCC Park and admission fee for adult (with MyKad) is RM28, children (with MyKid) RM22. For tourist, it’ll be RM38 and RM26 respectively..Free admission for infant and RM18 for senior citizen above 60 years old..

This weekend, most probably my family and I will spent time together to visit Aquaria @ KLCC..I'll update further once we come back from the visit later :)..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

.: Avatar : Exclusive Invitation :.

As we all known, the movie of 'Avatar' officially passed ’Titanic’ to become the highest grossing film in history at the worldwide box office..'Avatar' had taken 1.859 billion dollars, compared with the box-office total for the Oscar-winning 'Titanic', which took 1.843 billion dollars..

Anyway, my friend just told me that I got two ticket "Exclusive Invitation" of 'Avatar' movie on last Sunday @ Cathay Cineplax, Curve..Unluckily I can't go for watch the movie since during that week I'm @ my hometown..Anyway I already bought the 'Avatar' DVD but till now don't have time to watch it :)..Maybe this weekend will spent my time watching the movie with my family..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

.: Aleeya 5th Birthday Celebration :.

Hi..It has been so long didn't update my blog..Anyway i wanna share some pic taken during Aleeya 5th Birthday celebration..

"Mikey + Miney" cake..

"Princess" cake..

1. Birthday Celebration @ Tadika Mentaria Ria

Cake is ready with the candle..

Aleeya and the cake..

With her Mentari Ria friends..

Again with her friends..

Ready to blow the candle, make a wish 1st :)..

Candle was blown..

Cake is ready to eat..

2. Birthday Celebration @ Tadika Mawaddah

Aleeya and the cake..

With her Mawaddah friends..

Again with her friends..

They are having fun eating the cake..

Erm..delicious :)

Aleeya posing alone..

Aleeya posing with her best friend..

Aleeya posing with her another best friend..

3. Birthday Celebration @ Umah Atok Ayah

Cake is ready with the candle..

Aleeya and Ar Rayyan with the cake + congkak :)..

Received gift from Cik Ina..

Aleeya with her bicycle..

Anyway, the celebration @ Umah Atok Ayah was unexpected since we also didn't know about those plan..And it was arrange by them (Cik Ina + Atok Ayah + Opah Ayah)..Thanks all for celebrating Aleeya 5th birthday..Insya Allah, hopefully next year we will celebrate again :)..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

.: Aleeya 5th Birthday Preparation : Part 2 :.

As per planned yesterday, me and Aleeya are going to Mydin Mall @ USJ1 to bought some food for her birthday party goodies pack..We spent almost 1 hour to find + bought all the goodies :)..

Mydin Mall @ USJ1..

Birthday girl..

Taraa..almost full the trolley :)..

Goodies pack is ready to distribute..

But before we bought + prepare for the goodies pack, we already calculate the head counts for both school..

1. Tadika Mentari Ria - Head counts : 18
2. Tadika Mawaddah - Head counts : 56

Hopefully there are enjoy the party and here i wanna take this opportunity to wish Aleeya "Happy 5th Birthday"..We always love you!!..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

.: Aleeya 5th Birthday Preparation : Part 1 :.

As usual, every year when the time for celebrating Aleeya's birthday, we need to order some cakes + prepare goodies pack to celebrate birthday with her friends @ Taska..

Anyway this year will be slidely different, since Aleeya is attending 2 school, Tadika Mentari Ria and Tadika Mawaddah..So we need to order 2 cakes for each school and extra goodies pack for her friends..

This year will be the 3rd year we are ordering the cake @ Kedai Kek Vision, Puchong Perdana..Dunno why we choose this shop, it maybe there is some nice decoration for the cake + price is reasonable :)..

Kedai Kek Vision @ Puchong Perdana..

Variety of cake available here :)..

Below is some nice pic decoration on the top of the cake for Aleeya 3rd and 4th Birthday Cake..

Aleeya 3rd Birthday Cake..

Aleeya 4th Birthday Cake..

And for this year 5th birthday cake, Aleeya is choosing "princess" and "Mickey + Miney" as a decoration on the top of the cake..

"Princess" pic decoration on the top of the cake..

"Mikey + Miney" pic decoration on the top of the cake..

For the goodies pack, me and Aleeya will find all the stuff tomorrow @ Mydin Mall, USJ1 :)..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.: HP BladeSystem Workshop : Day 2 :.

Yesterday, the HP BladeSystem Workshop is continue again..And it's a 2 days FREE workshop :)..

Intel and HP collaborate for the powerful blade system :)..

HP Blade Server @ the Workshop, front view..

HP Blade Server @ the Workshop, rear view..

It's time for lunch again :)..

Anyway, we are going out early since we finish all the Lab session earlier..I arrived and pick up Aleeya from Taska around 4.20pm..

Monday, January 18, 2010

.: HP BladeSystem Workshop : Day 1 :.

Hi, yesterday and today, I'll be attending HP BladeSystem Workshop @ The Royale Bintang Damansara..

The workshop is @ Melati Room, 1st Floor..

The lunch set menu..

And the time i wrote this blog, I'm @ the office :), since this week I'm working on nite shift..Anyway early morning, need to go there again..So better have a sleep for a few hours then :P..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

.: Latest Progress @ Lavender : Part 4:.

This morning, me and Ar Rayyan spent almost 1 hour to have a visit to our new house..Luckily, once we arrived, there is a contractor doing some minor renovation..He said that the management asked him to change the new + bigger door for the wet kitchen..So we take a chance to go inside to do initial checking + inspection + take pics :)..

Bathroom on 1st floor..

Bathroom on 1st floor from another view..

Dining + Entertainment Hall View..

Wet Kitchen + Dining Hall View..

Entrance Hall View..

Staircase View..

Family Hall View..

Master Bedroom View..

Bathroom on Master Bedroom..

Different view of Bathroom on Master Bedroom..

2nd Bedroom..

3rd Bedroom..

Bathroom on 2nd + 3rd Bedroom..

Different View of Bathroom on 2nd + 3rd Bedroom..

Anyway, we are very satisfy with the finishing + quality of this house..And we are still awaiting for the "hand over key" appointment with the developer by the end of this month as promised by them :)..
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