Saturday, August 14, 2010

.: Gardening Activity @ Lavender : Part 1 :.

Here I wanna update my recent gardening activity..Last few weeks, I bought some seeds (Carbage, Tomato, Lady's Fingers, Four Angled Bean) from Jusco and plow it in my garden..

In addition, I also move the existing plant to new location nearby. Below are some pics during the activity :)

Existing plant that need to relocate..

Move it to the small box 1st..

New location nearby..

New seeds ready to plow..

Finish, waiting the plant to grow :)

.: Selamat Berpuasa :.

Hi all..Ramadhan has come to visit everyone of us again. Thanks to God for making this happens again. So to all the Muslims out there, Happy Fasting in this holy Ramadhan month.

May God bless what have we done and what we want to do next. Hopefully this Ramadhan, all of our activities are blessed and ease the fasting routines. May God bless all of you. Happy Ramadhan once again people!
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