Saturday, September 4, 2010

.: Recent Renovation : Part 1 :. has been soooo long I didn't update my blog..There is some reason behind that :)..

Anyway here is the latest renovation update for my house...That is wardrobe for Aleeya's room :)..We select SCI to design Aleeya's wardrobe since they had a special discount + promotion and had a good comment from others..So below are some pic taken during the installation :

Materials are there, but still waiting for the installer to come..

We select magic mirror in the middle..

Installer already came and straight doing work..

Wardrobe stand..

Work in progress..

Still in progress..

Aleeya happy face, waiting for her wardrobe to be completed..

It's completed..View from Aleeya's bed..

View from Aleeya's study table..

As far as we can see, the final output is absolutely perfect..For more info about SCI, you can visit this website
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