Thursday, December 31, 2009

.: Happy New Year 2010 :.

It is only left 1 day in 2009. Slowly and steadily Year 2009 is creating space for year 2010 to step in. People are ready to cherish the memories of 2009, learn from their mistakes and make resolutions of not repeating them in the coming year.

I Would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my Blog readers for the continuous support throughout 2009 and very best wishes to you and your family during this holiday season.

Looking forward to another Great Year 2010 ahead.

H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber (you know - dont' worry be happy)
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A angels to watch over you
R embrances of a happy years!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

.: Family Outing @ OTK :.

Since so long we didn't go out together, last night we spent few hours @ OTK Puchong for shopping..

Just manage to take Ar Rayyan pic, while waiting for Aleeya and ibu finish the shopping :)..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

.: LRT Proposed Extension :.

I think a lot of people already heard about this news, but might be a lot of people still didn't clear which area they extension will be covered..Here i wanna share the info that i get from the website :

"The proposed Kelana Jaya LRT extension line will commence from Lembah Subang – Kelana Business Centre, through Subang, USJ, Alam Megah and ending at the hub in Putra Heights. The proposed line will consist of 13 new stations and approximately 17km of guideway.

The proposed Ampang LRT extension line will commence from the present Sri Petaling station, passing through Puchong, Kinrara and ending at the hub in Putra Heights. The proposed line will consist of 13 new stations and approximately 17.7km of guideway.

All stations will have facilities such as lifts, escalators,public telephones, suraus and toilets. The stations will also be equipped with facilities for the physically disabled such as ramps, lifts, tactiles, low ticket counters and toilets.

Both lines are expected to be commissioned by end of 2012."

If you refer to the map above, the extension will be include our area which is Puchong Prima :)..It might be sounds good anyway, where you can use the public transport to go to KL and can avoid the havoc traffic jammed around the city :)

Credit to JABATAN KERETAPI MALAYSIA (Department of Railways Malaysia) for this valuable info..You can refer all this information here..

.: My Kids in Action :.

Last night, i did record a video when Ar Rayyan Yusuf is trying to wear his sister shoe :)..

Sorry, the video is accidentally in a wrong position :P..Anyway, enjoy the video..

Monday, December 28, 2009

.: Home Defect Rectification Checklist :.

Below is the important list that need to rectify after picking-up the keys from the developers..You should check for defects immediately and fill-out a defect rectification form..

Credit to forum :)..Can check details here for the discussion..

Part 1 - What You Will Need

1) Marker Pen
2) Masking Tape
3) Measuring Tape
4) Spirit Level
5) Torch Light
6) Stool
7) Digital Camera

I) Marker Pen & Masking Tape

Use the Marker Pen and Masking Tape to mark out areas of concern so that contractors doing rectification work can easily spot trouble areas.

It helps because it's mystifying to figure out where the defects are from the description on the defect list to an actual flaw on the house.

You can also scribble notes and express your displeasure on the masking tape so there is no miscommunication.

II) Measuring Tape & Spirit Level

Use the Measuring Tape & Spirit Level to determine if there are any structural deviations with the room dimensions and walls. The sprit level also helps determine if doors and windows are properly vertical/horizontal. The spirit level also helps check walls and ceilings are horizontal and not slanted.

Trust me it's better than trying to visually confirm a slant with the naked eye.

III) Torch Light & Stool

A Torch Light and Stool is great for exploring nooks & crannies or highlighting those high out of reach places with masking tape. It’s also a lot easier to carry around a stool than a 7‘ft ladder.

IV) Digital Camera

Use a Digital Camera to document the defects with photographs, if there is any dispute or misunderstanding, this helps to demonstrate if defects have been fixed or overlooked by the contractor during rectification work.

Part 2 – Defect Checklist What to Look Out For

Now that you’ve got all your defect hunting tools together here is what to look out for

1) Walls and Ceiling
2) Tiles and Floor
3) Doors and Window
4) Miscellaneous Fixtures
5) Leaky Pipes

1) The Walls & Ceilings

I’m referring to all Wall and Ceiling surfaces.

I) Cracks, Wavy and Uneven Surface.
It's pretty common and you should be able to see it quite easily.

II) Holes and Chips.
Holes and Chips on walls and ceilings are also another common defect and can occur due to accidental knocks and bumps or poor quality of materials used.

Oh gawd chips everywhere and not the kind you can eat

III) Fungus and Water Marks.
It can happen due to piping leakage or roofing defects. On the top floor the ceiling is covered in ceiling boards make sure the boards are not damaged or dirty

IV) Others.
Lumps & Bubbles, Flaky Paint, Protruding Objects:- like nails, stray pipes, loose wiring & iron rods sticking out of walls and ceilings.

2) Tiles & Floor
The Tiles & Floor include kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, floor tiles and cornices.

Tiles - Missing/Cracked/Chipped/Slanting

Missing and damaged Tiles & Floor are easy to spot for defects. However it’s not easy to check for hollow tiles which are due too little plaster underneath.

The danger is the tiles can come off or crack if not remedied. Tap on tiles and if they sound hollow mark it out as a defect anyway and get the contractor to fix it.

Also make sure that the joints between the tiles are properly filled in with plaster. If you notice deep gaps make sure they fill it in.

3) Doors & Windows

Doors and Windows are fairly easy to check. Ensure that doors and windows easily open and unobstructed. Check for shoddy workmanship like missing screws, damage and rust.

Also ensure that everything is properly installed and there are no large gaps between the door and window frames. It's also a good time to check for water damage since windows not properly installed will leak during heavy downpour.

Check also that rubber seals for the windows are intact.

4) Miscellaneous Fixtures

Check the developer’s inventory list for missing fixtures and accessories. You’ll usually get a list of items that come with your home such as the number of electrical points, taps, sink, shower heads and etc.

Check the list thoroughly and make sure nothing is missing!

5) Leaking Pipes

Leaking Pipes are also easy to detect, check the exposed piping for leaks or walls where the pipes run through for water stains.

Query the developer on where the pipes in your unit are; in future it will help to prevent accidents due to accidental nailing or drilling. You don’t want to hang a picture frame and puncture a pipe all in one go.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

.: Happy 6th Anniversary My Love :.

Hi, today 27th December 2009 is a day of our 6th anniversary..

Happy anniversary my dear..Let this date don’t stop you from enjoying life and every single day of it! I wish you many happy returns with all my heart!

“Another year to create
precious memories together.
Another year to discover
new things to enjoy about each other.
Another year to build
a life rich in love and laughter.
Another year to strengthen
a marriage that defines “forever.”

Saturday, December 26, 2009

.: Week 52 @ 2009 :.

Hi, it's a week of 52 on 2009..and a few more days we will start a new year of 2010 :)..anyway yesterday I'm not going anywhere, just stay @ home with my wife..

Today, we are going to IKEA @ Mutiara Damansara..We arrived around 11.45am and luckily still have a parking over there..We spent 2 hours for looking + surveying the curtain and bed frame for our new house :)..

Below is the url for the 2010 IKEA catalogue for the reference:

Then, we are heading to Carrefour @ Subang Jaya for window shopping..Since our kids will return back home after loooonng holidays, we need to buy some extra diapers + susu for their stocks..

Yey, yey!! Finally my kids are return back + my wife already miss them so much :)..At last, we can spent our time together again..Hoorayyy!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

.: Merry Christmas :.

Tomorrow, 24th December 2009 will be Christmas celebration..Here i would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Christians, Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho!!

.: Survey Curtain @ Jusco Puchong :.

Just came back from IOI Puchong and had a dinner together with my wife..We did spent 2 hours to do survey for the curtain @ IOI, where we ae going to curtain outlet like Teewah, MACY and Kamdar..

Anyway my wife is more interested on the MACY design compare the others and the price is quite reasonable since they still having the Y.E.S until end of this year..

We really hope that we can get the house key earlier so that we can get the best price at Mercy for the curtain..

.: Latest Progress @ Lavender : Part 3:.

Here is more pic taken today for the progress of our new house :

Front View

Corner view

Nice, rumput sudah potong..can start plow the garden :)

Side view

Road sign (Jalan Prima 7/5, 47150 Puchong) :)

Rear View

Alrite I've done upload all the pic..Need to take some rest anyway since tonight I'm still working..Okey, till we meet again :)

.: Latest Progress @ Lavender : Part 2:.

It's almost 2 days I'm not updating my blog..Anyway, just wanna share with you all the latest progress of my new house :)..

Access road has been completed

Main road going to our house

Main road beside our house

Currently the internet line seems quite slow, so that will take more time to download the pic :)..I will share with you all with more pic later..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

.: Jom Bayar Zakat :.

Alhamdulillah, just came back from Lembaga Zakat Selangor @ Bandar Puteri Puchong..

Wanna share some info on how they calculate the Zakat.There is 3 guideline in order to calculate your zakat pendapatan

Option 1

2.5 % on the total basic salary per anum (if the salary is more than nisab value).


If your total basic salary per anum is RM33,800.00, so the total of zakat is RM33,800.00 x 2.5 % = RM845.00


Pay zakat after deduct all the basic expenses.


Pay zakat after calculate all the details expenses.


A. Income (per anum)

Salary 24,000
Allowance 5,800
Bonus 4,000
Others 5,000

B. Expenses (per anum)

Self 8,00
Wife 3,000
Kids (1,000 x 4 orang) 4,000
Pemberian IbuBapa 2,400
KWSP 2,400
Tabung Haji 600
Deduction to any institution / koperasi which give zakat to others 1,200


C. Income that Need to Pay Zakat (A-B) RM
RM38,800 - RM 21,600
Value more that nisab value, (example: nisab for year 2009 = RM 7,900.00) 17,200

D. Zakat Yang Wajib Dibayar (C x 2.5%) RM
RM17,200.00 x 2.5% 430.00

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, keluarkan zakat sebahagian daripada hasil usaha kamu yang baik-baik dan sebahagian dari apa yang kami keluarkan dari bumi untuk kamu."

Surah al-Baqarah (ayat 267)

Monday, December 21, 2009

.: Spent Here, Spent There : Part 4 :.

Finally, we complete the shopping list for fan @ TopTen..Below is the detail with the price for the fan :

1. fan : type Panasonic Bayu 5 F-M14D9 - 2 units
- cost around RM550

Panasonic Bayu

Total we spent today only RM550..And that will completed the item list for electric :)..

.: Grill : Part 1 :.

My wife friend introduce us to Mr Bahari, the one who installed the wrought iron at her house..

Before i came to his shop, i made a call make sure I'll not wasting my time to travel to Putra Perdana..Anyway his shop is located at Putra Perdana, 15 minutes drive from my place :)

Once arrived at his place, Mr Bahri welcomed me to his office..He is very friendly and showing me all the **blink** **blink** design for the wrought iron + normal iron..He is also give the range of the price..Anyway, he couldn't quote the price for our new house because he still need the "real" measurement..and from there he can calculate the price..

His staff in action :)

Mr Bahri's wife

Erm..for the design, we actually already have the rough idea :)..It's most likely the same design with Aida's house..Thanks Aida for the simple + look gorgeous design :)

As agreed, I'll call him later once we received the house key..Insya allah, if we get the best price, we will work together :)..Anyway if someone need to deal with him, just call the number above..

Anyone who have any recommended place for wrought iron nearby Puchong?? You can share the info with us okay..Time to rest now since I'll working tonite..See you in the next post, insya allah..

.: Plaster Ceiling : Part 2 :.

Next destination, UM Plaster Ceiling which is located @ Puchong Intan..I've been dealing with this shop previously for my 1st house renovation..

As far as I know, this shop is giving the "contractor" price for the customer since they not only sell it to end user, but a lot of contractor come to this place..I did knew this place from "Haji", who is our contractor last time :)..

Okey, below is the price for all separate items :

1. Syiling - 1 unit (4x6)
- cost RM8.80

2. Cornice (normal) - 1 unit (8 feet)
- cost RM4.50

3. Cornice (flower) - 1 unit (8 feet)
- cost RM5.00

4. Besi - 1 unit (12 feet)
- cost RM2.00

5. L Box - 1 unit (6x12)
- cost RM13.00

6. L Box - 1 unit (4x12)
- cost RM12.00

7. L Box - 1 unit (4x8)
- cost RM11.00

8. L Box - 1 unit (4x6)
- cost RM10.00


Cornices (normal + flower) are stacked together


Design for Cornice

More design for Cornice

More and more design :)

L Box which have different size

So if anyone need to find any Plaster Ceiling materials with reasonable price, I think this is the suitable place..

.: Plaster Ceiling : Part 1 :.

Since I'm working on nite shift this week, I've a lot of time to do survey on the Plaster Ceiling price..

After send my wife to the office, I'm heading to Ying Tung Brothers Plaster Ceiling @ Puchong Jaya..Below is the details on the price given by the "taukeh" :

1. Syiling - RM2.80/sqft
2. Cornice (normal) - RM3.80/feet
3. Cornice (flower) - RM4.50/feet

All those mentioned price is include the installation, but if we need to assign someone to installed it, it will sold separately and the price is slidely higher..

Anyway the "taukeh" is not too friendly, so that I'm not asking further on the price for separate items..

But if someone had an experience dealing with this "taukeh", can share the info with us :)..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

.: Spent Here, Spent There : Part 3 :.

Our final destination for today is Home Raccolta @ Puchong Jaya..Since today is the last day of promotion for their newly opening showroom, there is a few items that have a quite attractive price..

Below is the list of items that we bought here :

1. Fagor Hood : type CPT90x
Fagor Hob : type ZPS7
Fagor Oven
- cost around RM2999

2. Magic holder
- cost RM 20

3. Towel Bar - 2 units (Buy 1, Free 1 :))
- cost RM38

4. Shut Off Hand Spray - 3 units
- cost RM75

So total we spent @ Home Roccolta is around RM3112..**grrrrrrr**..

Hod + Hob of Fagor, **blink**, **blink**

Fagor Hod

Fagor Hob

Magic Holder, Hand Towel and Shut Off Hand Spray

All together, we had spent around RM5147 today for bathrooms accessories, roman blind and hod + hob + oven :)

So the conclusion, we almost complete the whole things that needed for our new house ..The only left in the lists are Plaster Ceiling + Grills + 2 more fans + KC accessories..I need to do some survey especially on the price for Plaster Ceiling + Grills..Anyone, can help me to figure out which shops have a good price :)..

.: Spent Here, Spent There : Part 2 :.

Continue from previous journey :), we are heading to Mega Bath & Kitchen Gallery @ Bandar Puteri Puchong, which is located beside Bank Rakyat Bandar Puteri Puchong :)..

Straight to the point, things that we bought here :

1. Lucca Kitchen Sink
- cost RM 220

2. Rubine Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
- cost RM 220

3. Sliding Cabinet - 3 units
- cost RM690

4. Rubine Pillar Sink 2 Tap
- cost RM150

5. Rubine Pillar Sink 1 Tap
- cost RM130

6. Glass Shelf - 3 units
- cost RM195

7. Shampoo Rack - 3 units
- cost RM57

So total we spent @ Mega Bath & Kitchen Gallery is around RM1657..**sighh**..

Lucca Kitchen Sink

Rubine Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Sliding Cabinet, will put this mirror cabinet in all bathroom :)

Rubine Pillar Sink Area

Rubine Pillar Sink 2 Tap

Rubine Pillar Sink 1 Tap

Glass shelf, also will put this shelf in all bathroom :)

Shampoo rack, will put in all bathroom

Again will continue on the next part :)

.: Spent Here, Spent There : Part 1 :.

Just came back from dinner together with my wife @ Tomyam Tompel where my daughter called it "ibu favourite place" :)..

Anyway before that we hang around to find more and more stuff for our new house..First place, we are heading to SSF..actually the target is to find for roman blind..anyway that nothing much pattern for roman blind @ SSF, only have *blink* *blink* curtain :)..

Then we are going to Baagus @ Puchong Jaya to find roman blind for our kitchen area..Things that we bought there :

1. Roman blind : size 54"x75" - 2 units
- cost RM378

Our new kitchen roman blind :)

Nice deco inside @ Baagus

Heh, got a lot of design for curtain here

Anyone who is looking for newly design curtain or roman blind type with the affordable price, can go to this shop since they are having the promotion till end of this month..

Will continue the journey on next part :)
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