Saturday, December 19, 2009

.: Weekend @ Unity Design :.

This morning, me and wife are going to Unity Design @ Taman Saujana Prima, Kajang..I've made appointment with Patric earlier since i knew Patric is a quite busy person and such a great news I can meet him today..

As promised I was arrived @ his place around 11.30am..It was a loooong discussion and after calculate based on material that we are agree + satisfy with the price :), I locked the price since all the material price will be increase during CNY..Thanks Patric for the quite reasonable price..Below is some pic taken @ Patric's showroom..

KC with Solid Surface + Melamine

KC with Wood Top + ... (dunno the name of door type :) )

KC with Solid Surface + 3G

KC with Granite + 3G

KC with Granite + 3G from another view

Me and Patric @ his showroom..Now everyone can know who Patric is :)

Below is the summary of the material for our new KC which cost us RM13900

1. Wet Kitchen
- Granite + 3G

2. Dry Kitchen, 2 Upper Shelf and Shelf for frozen + microwave + oven
- Solid Top + 3G

And for the design of our KC, we will follow exactly the design from our show house :)..Here I wanna share the design of our future KC..

View of Dry Kitchen from Dining Hall

Another view of Dry Kitchen

View of Wet Kitchen

So now we are awaiting for the house key in order to proceed with exact measurement of the whole kitchen..Hopefully everything will be going smooth, insya allah :)


  1. you have a nice wet & dry KC.

    mind to share your size of both KC?


  2. royaltam86, KC dh lama siap dah.. :)

  3. Nak tanya sket, kat Unity Design tu ambik x cara bayaran installment?


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