Saturday, November 27, 2010

.: 1st Blog-Anniversary :.

Hi all, I just figured it out! It was my first anniversary of starting my blog..One year and two days ago, I posted here for the very first time.

Thank you so much for all my dear blog readers..As stated on my first entry last year, i'll keep this blog especially to share my happiness, sadness and everything that I can share with the readers..

Anyway feel free to comments and share your feeling too on my blog..Happy surfing + reading..Thanks again for yor great support!!

.: Theft in Lavender :.

Lately many thefts occur in our residential areas, including our house that has been involved too..It happened two weeks ago when we were not at home..

Police report has been made and we make extra precautions to prevent this things happened in the future..Few pics taken during the incident day..

The room condition..

More pics on the room condition..

More and more pic..

So lesson from the incident, we need to pay more alert especially lock all windows + doors whenever you leave your house..And please inform neighbour to look for your house if you plan to leave your home for a long period..

.: TSMR 2010 Concert :.

Last weekends, we went to Tadika Sri Mentari Ria (TSMR) 2010 concert held at the Kompleks Rakan Muda Puchong, Selangor.. These concerts are held each year to honor students who have completed the final year of study in schools..

The theme for this year's concert is "Window Of The World"..Below are some pics taken during the concert..

Aleeya with the costume before the concert..

Aleeya with Rayyan..

Take pic before going to concert..

This year concert theme "Window Of The World"..

Among the student who participate on the concert..

Aleeya with her classmate..

Aleeya with her friend before their turn to perform..

More pic before their action..

Me and the kids after Aleeya performance..

Aleeya with her friend after the perfromance..

Monday, November 15, 2010

.:: Pureen Stock Clearance Promotion :.

Last weekend we went to Pureen stock clearance sales @ Summit SS19..There are a lot of baby stuff with cheaper price available during last 2 days sale..Few pic taken during our visit there..

A lot of people came to this sale..

Aleeya and Rayyan waiting for Ibu for shopping..

Tired face :)..

People sorting out the baby apparels..

O.M.G, you see the counter payment queue..

Luckily got a lot of payment counters..

Cashier busy during the whole day..

Overall, the price is much cheaper compare to outside and we had spent few RM for baby Arman's stuff..Insya allah, if there is any Pureen sale in the future, for sure we will come again :)..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

.: Rayyan 2nd Birthday Celebration :.

Hi..It has been so long didn't update my blog..Anyway i wanna share some pic taken during Rayyan 2nd Birthday celebration, which is on last Thursday, 11/11/2010..

Rayyan 2nd Birthday cake..

Birthday cake from Yusnan, our Prudential agent :)

All the foods ready to pack for the door gift..

The door gift to Rayyan's friend..

Rayyan blowing out the candles..

Rayyan ready to blow the candle @ Taska Mawaddah..

Rayyan and his friends..

Last pic together taken from our DSLR, huh :(..Will share the story later..

Ready to eat the cake..

Here i wanna take this opportunity to wish Rayyan "Happy 2nd Birthday"..We always love you!!..
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