Tuesday, April 10, 2012

.: TSMR Sport Day 2012 :.

On 31st March 2012, TSMR had a sports day for the year 2012..The event that is supposed to start early at 8 am has been postponed to 9:30 am due to weather rain in early morning..

Below are some pics taken during the sport day..

TSMR Sport Day banner..

Ar Rayyan and his friends in the queue..

Ar Rayyan ready to take participate in the sport event..

prize-giving ceremony and pictures with his ​​teacher..

.: Muk Su Engagement @ Muar :.

On 1st April 2012, me and family went back to hometown to attend the engagement ceremony of my wife sister in Muar..

Below are some pics taken during the ceremony..

Menu is ready for the guest..

Gifts exchange between others..

Discussion about the engagement..

Muk Su and her friends..

Finally, we really hope that what will be planned in the future will be successful especially on their wedding day..May god bless both of you..

.: Our Community Area Blog :.

Hi all..Finally I've manage to create another blog to share with readers about our resident area and also our community activity..

For further information about the full activities, you can refer to blog here..http://lavenderpuchongprima.blogspot.com/
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