Monday, May 31, 2010

.: Weekend @ Muar : Part 1 :.

Urh..It's a busy day today, don't have much time to surf internet + upload pics + update blog..Anyway last weekend we spent time together with our family @ our hometown, Muar..

I'll try update more hopefully by tomorrow..Below are some summary on what happened on last weekend :

1. Thursday 27th May 2010

- Half day, drive back to hometown
- Had a fabulous dinner with our family @ Sabak Awor :)

2. Friday 28th May 2010

- Rileks2 @ hometown
- Give hands to prepare for the kenduri
- In advance birthday celebration for my dad @ Jalan Daud

3. Saturday 29th May 2010

- Kenduri @ Jalan Daud

4. Sunday 30th May 2010

- Going back to KL
- Escape swimming class this week :)

I'll update more with pics on next post..See ya..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

.: Malaysia petrol prices may rise 15 sen/litre :.

Malaysia petrol prices may rise 15 sen/litre

It's still didn't confirm yet, but let see how the thing goes..Anyone wanna comment about it!!!

.: Long Weekends & Happy Wesak Day :.

Hooraayy!! It's a long weekends and today I'm on half day..We will heading back to our hometown after office hour :)..

Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Buddhists, “Happy Wesak Day” with many happy returns and loving-kindness! Have a great one!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

.: Decision oh Decision : Part 2 :.

Alhamdulillah, finally I've made a final decision to end my carrier with the current company..Even it's a hard decision for me to decide and after rethink there is a good opportunity to develop my carrier outside, so I stick to my plan..

Thanks to all my friends for the good memories + experiences..Hope we can meet you all somewhere :)..My last day will be end of next month..Thanks again to all!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

.: Decision oh Decision : Part 1 :.

Urggh..Tomorrow i need to make final + hard decision in my life..Even it's a difficult choice, I need to give the answer by tomorrow..

Anyway thanks for all my friends + colleague for your help + guidance..I'll tell you what the final decision I've made tomorrow..See you tomorrow!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

.: Latest Malaysia Banking Base Lending Rate (BLR) : Part 2 :.

Hi, as you all know, starting on last 20th May 2010 the BLR has been increase to 6.05..So this is the second time the BLR increase for this year, where the last change was on 9th March 2010..

Refer to older blog for more info.. it a sign that our economy has been stable??

.: Weekend @ Lavender : Part 4 :.

Hi, it's Monday again..Time is running so fast..Didn't notice it's too short for 2 days off..Anyway below I update some activities during last weekend :

1. Saturday 22nd May 2010

- Lavender contractor came to fix the house defect..They plaster the wall @ Master Bedroom in order to avoid water to flow to the ceiling..They also fix the water heater by connect the wiring on the ceiling..So now we can used those water heater :)..
- Going to Twins Baby @ Puchong Jaya to survey baby's stuff :)
- Chill @ Jusco Puchong..
- Continue gardening activities

2. Sunday 23rd May 2010

- Continue gardening activities
- Clean house + surround
- Shopping @ Tesco Puchong
- Visit Intan (my wife friend) to see her newly baby born @ Nusaputra Puchong
- No swimming class this week :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

.: Taekwondo Exam : Part 1 :.

Last night, Aleeya was attending her taekwondo exam..This exam need to be attended in order for her to get belt promotion..

Give respect to the instructor + examiner..

Aleeya in action..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

.: Cloth Diapers :.

Last weekends, we went to Fabulous Mom @ Puchong Jaya to buy some baby's stuff..We went there to find cloth diapers for the baby..

There is a lot of brand for cloth diapers e.g Lunatots, Grobaby, Bumwear, Buddy etc..So there is a promotion @ Fabulos Mom for Grobaby cloth diapers that cost RM229.50 after 10% discount :

Experience Grobaby Package contains:

2 x Shell sets (each shell set includes 1 x Booster + 1 x Snap in Soaker)
1 x Soaker set (contains 2 x Snap in Soakers)

Grobaby Cloth Diapers..

Another brand of Cloth Diapers..

If you want to learn more about the cloth diapers, you can find FAQ's about it..

.: House Defect : Part 1 :.

Last 2 days, it was raining heavily @ Puchong..Alhamdulillah, during that time we detect some minor defect @ our house..Our car porch ceiling are having leaking and cause some water spot on it..

So we believe that there is some problem on the roof causing the water flow to the ceiling..

Water spot on the ceiling..

Different water spot on car porch ceiling..

Different view on car porch ceiling..

Water spot are seen very clear..

I'm already report the defect list to our developer which is Mitrajaya, that also include another defect that we found earlier, which is :

- Malfunction water heater @ Master Bedroom
- Crack @ outside fence

Since we already stay at this house, I really appreciate they can fix the defect during the weekends :)..

Monday, May 17, 2010

.: Four Seasons Turf Farm :.

As I mentioned on my previous entry, last weekend we are going to Four Seasons Turf Farm, to buy some rumput carpet there..The site is located @ Sungai Buloh, where it's open daily from 8am till 5pm..

They are also provide delivery service for rumput carpets to your house with reasonable price, where delivery to Puchong will cost you @ RM80..

Below I'll share some info on how to get there, if you are interested to buy a lot of rumput carpets with the lowest price :

1. If you are from PLUS Highway, please follow exit 114 "Hospital Sungai Buloh Interchange"
2. From the exit, go straight until the T junction road with the traffic light
3. Turn left and go'll go through under construction road and surrounding areas are "in progress" UITM Sungoi Buloh Campus
4. Go further up and you can see the Four Seasons Turf Farm signboard along the way

I hope you can follow this simple guideline on how to get there :)..

.: Weekend @ Lavender : Part 3 :.

Hi, it's Monday and my turn to be on nite shift this week :)..Anyway today Aleeya is not feeling well and I need to fetch her early from Tadika Mentari Ria..Really hope she will getting better soon..Amin..Anyway below I update some activities during last weekend :

1. Saturday 15th May 2010

- KC contractor came to fix the 3G door..
- new sofa + Aleeya's bed arrived
- Going to Fabulous Mom to buy some baby's stuff :)
- Chill @ Jusco Puchong..

2. Sunday 16th May 2010

- Going to Four Seasons Turf Farm @ Sg Buloh to buy rumput carpet :)
- Gardening activities @ plow the rumput carpet
- Clean house + surround
- Aleeya swimming class @ Bukit Jalil

Pic of 3G door that has been fixed..

Aleeya new bed + mattress + pillow..

Different view..

Full view of Aleeya's room..

New sofa in plastic bag..

New colorful sofa..

Different view of sofa :)..

Few types of rumput carpet..

Contact number for Four Seasons Turf Farm..

Site office for Four Seasons Turf Farm..

View in area of Four Seasons Turf Farm..

Four Seasons Turf Farm branch..But Kg Baru Subang branch has been closed..

Scientific name for rumput carpet..

Walkway @ our garden..

View @ our garden..

Different view for our garden..Still a lot of things to do..

More pic on different angle..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

.: Kitchen Cabinet Faulty :.

Hi, good morning..Erm, yesterday was a bad day for us, since one of the 3G door was suddenly fallen down when I'm trying to pull it out..As what I can see, the 3G door easily can fall down since it is connected using stapler..

Anyway I'm already report it to our contractor to come and fix the problem during this weekend..

Disconnected 3G door :(..

Where is the 3G door??

Oh, it's there :)..

Monday, May 10, 2010

.: Weekend @ Lavender : Part 2 :.

Hi, it's already a month we stay @ our new house..Time is running soo fast, is't it?? Erm anyway I wanna update some activities during last weekend..Before I forgot, Happy belated Mothers Day to all mummy/ibu/mama out there, wish you all "We love you so much...Happy Mother's Day!!"..Sorry for the late wish :) :

1. Saturday 8th May 2010

- Went to Unity Design to pay the balance for our KC. Thanks Patric for the "RM300" discount :)
- Chill @ Jusco Equine Park..
- Gardening with my wife and kids

2. Sunday 9th May 2010

- Clean house + surround
- Aleeya swimming class @ Bukit Jalil
- Spent time with Badrin and Asrul @ my house and Restoren ABC Puchong Prima

Ar Rayyan with Aleeya's swimming cloth + Aleeya's shoe

He likes so much with crocs shoe..

Friday, May 7, 2010

.: Online From Home :.'s already Friday and one more weekend is coming in..Anyway, now i got myself online using Maxis Broadband..Even though the connection is quite slow, but as long as i can online + send important document to my friend, for me it still OK :)..

Maxis signal show it's getting EDGE in this area :(..

Alhamdulillah, Ar Rayyan is recovered from the fever yesterday..Don't know what causing it, anyway thanks god he is getting better now..So what to do for this weekend, here I list down the plan and activities that might be happened :

1) Go for medical check up :)
2) Gardening mode with my wife
3) Going to Unity Design to pay the balance for our KC
4) Clean house and the area
5) Swimming class for Aleeya

Hopefully we can have some fun together again doing those activity during this weekend :)..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.: On emergency Leave .: i need to take half day leave since Ar Rayyan is not feeling well..He is having hot fever since yesterday..

Need to bring him to doctor for further medical check up..Really hope he will getting better soon..Amin..

Monday, May 3, 2010

.: Weekend @ Lavender : Part 1 :.

Just wanna share some activities that has been done with my family during last weekend..

1. Saturday 1st May 2010

- Chill @ Tesco Puchong..Shopping for groceries + new brand Panasonic mixer
- Went to Casarini Design @ Puchong..Bought nice L shape sofa + Aleeya solid wood bed which cost us @ RM3498

2. Sunday 2nd May 2010

- Baking cake activity with Aleeya + ibu with the new mixer and oven
- Teach Aleeya for her exam this week
- Clean house + surround
- Aleeya swimming class @ Bukit Jalil

Cake in the oven :)

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