Wednesday, November 30, 2011

.: Arman is Sick :.

Hi...just came back from Columbia Hospital to see Dr Cheok for checking Arman who had high fever since yesterday..Alhamdulillah everything is ok and doctor only gave some antibiotic for him..

Arman is laying down @ home..

Arman @ Columbia Hospital..

Arman is ready to see the doctor..

Me and Arman..

Me and my sons @ Columbia Hospital..

We really hope and pray so that he can recover soon :)..

Monday, November 28, 2011

.: Family Outing @ Alamanda :.

Since today is my rest day + public holiday, we had spent time together @ Alamanda, Putrajaya..It's a first we went to Alamanda but today we had a mission which is to watch the Puss in Boots @ GSC..

And this is a first time we bring Arman together to watch movie in cinema..Luckily he had a great moment (sleeping) while we watching the movie :)..

Rayyan with the Puss in boot..

Aleeya with the Puss in boot..

Rayyan and Aleeya pic together..

Me and Arman queuing to hunt some food..

Me and kids @ Carrefour Alamanda after the movie..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

.: Salam Awal Muharram 1433H :.

Today 27th November 2011/1 Muharram 1433H is the beginning of Year 1433 in Islamic Calendar...Many Muslims use the day to remember the significance of this month, and the Hijra, or migration, Islamic prophet Muhammad made it to the city now known as Medina..

I would like to take this opportunity to all our fellow Muslim readers Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H..

If you want to read the Doa Akhir Tahun and Awal Tahun, you can get it from here..

Doa Akhir Tahun..

Doa Awal Tahun

Let us all take this opportunity to reflect on what we've achieved the past year and strengthen our resolutions with actions for this new exciting and challenging year!

.: Breakfast @ Old Town :.

Just having my breakfast + update blog @ Old Town Cyberjaya..Menu for today is paratha + curry potato + hazelnut cool drink..the cost for the breakfast is rm10..

Below is the pic of my breakfast set..enjoy the meal..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

.: Ar Rayyan Birthday Gift :.

Since we've never gave him a birthday present, so this year we bought him a brand new remote control car @ Carrefour Puchong..

Below are some pics during the day when he received the gift..

Cars remote control..

Posing with the new toy..

Enjoying the moment with the new toy..

Friday, November 11, 2011

.: Ar Rayyan 3rd Birthday Celebration :.

Today 11-11-11 is Ar Rayyan 3rd birthday and as per planned, there was some birthday celebration with his friend @ Taska Mawaddah..

Below are some pics taken during the day @ Taska Mawaddah..

Ar Rayyan with his friends before eat the cake..

Ar Rayyan is ready to cut the cake..

Ar Rayyan's friend with their goodies pack..

Ar Rayyan with his guardian, Kak Wani..

Thanks to everyone who celebrating Ar Rayyan 3rd birthday..Insya Allah, hopefully next year we will celebrate again :)..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

.: Ar Rayyan 3rd Birthday Preparation :.

Tomorrow 11-11-11 will be Ar Rayyan 3rd birthday celebration..So tonight, me and my kids together helping each other to prepare the goodies pack for their friends at Taska Mawaddah..

Below are some pics taken during the activities..

Boboi boy Birthday Cake..

Aleeya and Rayyan with the birthday cake..

Goodies bag theme "Toy Story"..

Goodies bag ready for used..

Food for Rayyan's friend..

Ready to be packed..

Birthday boy helping to pack the goodies..

Aleeya and Rayyan concentrate to finish the work..

Aleeya, Rayyan and Arman busy doing work :)..

Me and kids busy packing the goodies bag..

Rayyan with the goodies bag..

Rayyan and Aleeya with the goodies bag..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

.: Birthday Celebration @ Muar : Part 1 :.

As per my previous post, today me and my family had celebrate Aleeya and Rayyan birthday @ my parent's home..

Actually Rayyan's birthday is on 11th November 2011 (11.11.11 - it's a good number, isn't it??), but since we're going back hometown, we celebrate his birthday earlier and already plan to have combo birthday celebration for them..

Below I wanna share some of the pics taken during the birtday celebration @ Parit Bunga, Muar..

Secret Recipe birthday cake for Aleeya + Rayyan..

Aleeya + Rayyan with their birthday present..Thanks to my sis for the lovely gifts..

Aleeya with her newly bedtime story books..

Rayyan with his newly educational board gift..

.: Salam Aidil Adha :.

Hi all..Here I wanna take opportunity to wish all of the Muslim "Happy Aidil Adha" and happy holiday..

Reflect back on Aidiladha seven years ago, my wife was safely gave birth to our first child who was given the name Aleeya Afiqah..Alhamdulillah, today me and family celebrated her birthday together with Ar Rayyan birthday @ my family house in Parit Bunga, Muar..

I'll share some pics taken during the birthday celebration on the next post :)..
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