Thursday, July 29, 2010

.: Painting Time :,

Hi all, just got free time to update my blog since I'm off shift today :)..Just finished painting the wall outside the house..Actually it was a pending job and the wall need to paint after the renovation works last time..Finally I managed to finish and settle the things..

Paint shop @ Puchong Jaya..

Unlce prepare the paint..

Sisson Paint ready to used..

Anyway it's very difficult to find Sisson brand @ Puchong..So who ever looking for those brand, please do refer below address :) :-

Lunyic Sdn Bhd,
29, JAlan Merak 2A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Puchong, Selangor.

Friday, July 16, 2010

.: Weekend @ Lavender : Part 6 :.

Here I'll update the activities that has been done during last 2 weeks..Actually we spent most of our time at home, only during Saturday we went for shopping or doing others activity..

1. 3rd July 2010

- Tadika Mentari Ria Parent's Day..Meet with Aleeya's teacher to discuss her progress..Anyway all her teacher give a positive feedback about her @ schooll...
- Went to ibu's office..She need to settle her work

2. 4th July 2010

- Aleeya participated in Taekwondo Sunrise Shine Tournament @ APIIT College and won silver :)
- 1st day shift as usual..Unfortunately can't join + watch Aleeya on those taekwondo tournemant :(

3. 10th July 2010

- Went to shop @ U13 Setia Alam..Bought some ibu stuff, LittleBean strerilizer and new Rayyan Quinny stroller
- Had lunch @ Pizza Hut U13 Setia Alam

4. 11th July 2010

- 1st day shift..
- Ibu and kids stay @ home :)

Aleeya's classmate..

Aleeya pic @ class..

Rayyan having fun @ Mentari Ria..

Ibu with Teacher Sharon..

Aleeya's Taekwondo silver medal..

Rayyan @ Pizza Hut..

Aleeya @ Pizza Hut.. business card..

LittleBean strerilizer..

Rayyan new Quinny Stroller..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

.: Chill @ Giant Kinrara :.

Hi..Just came back from Giant Kinrara..Me and Rayyan spent a few hours there while waiting Aleeya finish her class @ 11.45am..

Rayyan with his newly Quinny stroller..

Rayyan @ Giant Kinrara playground..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

.: Family Pic :.

Heh, finally i can upload pics from my nokia hp to the laptop..So here I'll share those pics..

Me and Rayyan @ GSC Jusco Puchong..

Take pics with Toy Story 3 banner :)..

Rayyan before cut hair..

Nervous face before cut hair :)..

Rayyan with maintain mode..

Ok nearly finish.. Rayyan with his new style..

Me, Rayyan and Dr Natasha during his 1 year + injection..

.: Recent Update :.

Hi all..Seriously it has been soo long I didn't update my blog..Luckily this week I'm working 3 days and 4 days off..So i'll take this chance to update what happened during last 2 weeks :)..

Anyway today I spent my time doing garden activity @ home..I already ordered 150 pieces of rumput carpet from Four Seasons Turf Farm and they deliver it to my house..

Below are some pics taken during the gardening activity :

Waiting to plow the rumput carpet..

Rumput carpet arrived..

150 pieces of rumput carpet..

Rumput carpet that has been plow..

Area that still need rumput carpet :)..

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