Wednesday, February 29, 2012

.: Happy 32th Birthday :.

Hi..Thanks all for the birthday wish..Today 29th February 2012 i'm gonna be 32 years old..

Today will be my 8th birthday since the last 32 years :) (1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2012)...Anyway thanks again for my lovely wife, kids, family, friends and all the readers for the wish..

Hope this year all of my wishes come true and wishing good health and happiness in life..Looking forward for the next 4 years to feel the same feeling :)..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.: Air Asia BIG Sale :.

Air Asia sale is back..A lot of cheap tickets has been sold out on last 19th Feb 2012..We only managed to book tickets for our family vacation to Langkawi on this coming Dec 2012..

Below are some pics taken during our family vacation for the past 7 years :)..

1st family vacation @ Langkawi on last 2005..

Me and Aleeya with the AirAsia plane..

2nd family vacation @ Bandung on last 2009..

Me, Ibu and Aleeya in Tengkuban Perahu..

3rd family vacation @ Bandung on last 2009..

One big happy family :)..

Pics taken with our family @ Tengkuban Perahu..

This is a long wait for us to have another vacation together and we choose to go to Langkawi as a beginning :)..Really hope that we can have another trip with our big family in the future, Insya Allah..

.: Cousin Wedding @ Kota Damansara :.

Last weekend, me and family had spent our time for attending the solemnization + wedding ceremony of my cousin @ Kota Damansara..

Below are some pics taken during the day..

solemnization ceremony..

my mom wth Aleeya + Arman..

me posing with Arman..

gamelan music played during the wedding ceremony..

Wedding banner..

Arrival of the groom..

She is awaiting the arrival of the groom..

the bride and groom sitting on thrones :)..

Showers of blessing and wishes for both of you..Me and family wishes you "Congratulation On Your Wedding and Wish You A Happy Married Life"..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

.: Shopping @ NSK :.

This morning I went to NSK @ Kuchai Lama for window shopping + chill out during my off-shift :)... It is huge and divided to 2 target markets; Retailer and Wholesaler..

NSK entrace park and it's FREE :)..

NSK car park view..

NSK main entrance..

It's time for shopping @ NSK :)..

Wholesaler entrance..

Dutch Lady UHT drinks..

More pic at Wholesaler department..

Healthy fruit cornet @ NSK..Worth to buy :)..

Overall, it's nice place for shopping + wide range of fresh items to shop for…
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