Saturday, January 29, 2011

.: Recent Renovation : Part 2 :.

Hi all..It's time for me to update what's the latest renovation for my house..

1. Adding new awning at the back yard
2. Adding a few iron bar on the fence
3. Replace the lamp with the new UNO fan + lamp in dining hall
4. Install new autogate

Below are all the pic taken during the day..

Fence is ready to been modified..

Our new awning..

The worker is working on adding the bar..

After made some modification..



The worker is changing the lamp with our new UNO fan + lamp..

Nearly finish..


After..Fan is turn on without lamp..

Fan is turn on with lamp turn on..

Workers are working to install the autogate..

Nearly finish..

Done..Finish and verify it's working perfectly :)..

.: Iqra' Class :.

Alhamdulillah, after few months we are trying to find for the Iqra' Class, finally we manage to get Ustaz to come to our house and teach us the Iqra'..

The class are held every Saturday and Sunday run by Ustaz Sani..As for now, me and Aleeya are joining this class and Ibu will join the class later after abstinence..

Aleeya and Ustaz Sani in the Iqra' class..

Anyone interested to join the Iqra' Class @ my house, feel free to contact me so that we can learn tajwid and learn how to read the Quran properly..

.: Aleeya 6th Birthday Celebration :.

Hi..It has been so long didn't update my blog..Anyway i wanna share some pic taken during Aleeya 6th Birthday celebration..

At Kedai Kek, she didn't notice i want to buy her cake :)..

Prepare for her birthday goody pack..

Goody pack ready to distribute..

Aleeya with her goody pack..

6th Year Birthday Cake :)..

Aleeya with her classmate..

Aleeya, make a wish first..

Ready to blow the candle..

Ready to cut the cake..

Thanks all for celebrating Aleeya 6th birthday..Insya Allah, hopefully next year we will celebrate again :)..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

.: Latest Update : Ibu + Arman has been admitted :.

Hi all..That has been long time I didn't update my blog..It's a busy week since Arman and Ibu has been admited to hospital for different cases..Below are the different time frame for both of the cases :

10th January 2011 - 1st Arman checkup with Dr Anis @ KPMC and has been admitted for having a bilirubin level of 19.
11th January 2011 - Has been discharge since a bilirubil level has been reduce to 3
15th January 2011 - Ibu is having bleeding and has been admitted @ KPMC for awhile and been transferred to Putrajaya Hospital
18th January 2011 - Still awaiting for Dr confirmation for discharge from Putrajaya Hospital

Arman 1st check up before been admit for jaundice..

Aleeya + Rayyan playing @ Dr Anis's room..

My mom + Aleeya having some massage @ Gintel Rest & Go..

Arman's eye need to be close to avoid from UV light..

UV treatment for jaundice..

Arman in UV incubator..

Ibu has been admit for 2nd time for bleeding @ KPMC..

My sons in action..

Rayyan with his own peace..

Aleeya + Rayyan in action..

Friday, January 7, 2011

.: New Family Member 2011 :.

Alhamdulillah our new baby born named Arman Rayhan Aslahuddin was born on 6th January 2011, 10.35am @ KPMC Puchong..

Here is some part of a series of time before the birth of a new baby..

6.00am - My wife already start feel the pain in the short time interval of five minutes
6.45am - I'm wake up, pray + prepare myself to send my kids to school
7.45am - My wife could not withstand the pain and call Dr Haizal to inform him about the pain. Dr advise to go to hospital direct
8.30am - Arrived @ KPMC and straight to Labour room
9.00am - 10.00am - Wait for Dr arrival and few sister give some support to my wife
10.15am - Dr arrived and prepare to do his job :)
10.35am - Alhamdulillah, finally Arman Rayhan breathe the air for the first time :)

Below are some pics taken during the day of Arman Rayhan birth..

Wait for Dr arrived..

Tool is ready..Only wait for Dr arrival..

Epidural protocol..

Heart beat + Contraction monitoring..

OS Dilatation..

Outside Labour room..

Labour room entry..

Bunga Raya room, where the same room last time Rayyan delivered here..

Yey!! I'm a baby boy.. :)

Dr Anis, our pediatrician doctor..

List of patient in 1st Floor KPMC Puchong..

Ibu gave Arman breast feed..

Arman is sleeping..

Red tomato guy :)..

More pic of Arman Rayhan..

More pic of Arman Rayhan..

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