Monday, December 21, 2009

.: Plaster Ceiling : Part 1 :.

Since I'm working on nite shift this week, I've a lot of time to do survey on the Plaster Ceiling price..

After send my wife to the office, I'm heading to Ying Tung Brothers Plaster Ceiling @ Puchong Jaya..Below is the details on the price given by the "taukeh" :

1. Syiling - RM2.80/sqft
2. Cornice (normal) - RM3.80/feet
3. Cornice (flower) - RM4.50/feet

All those mentioned price is include the installation, but if we need to assign someone to installed it, it will sold separately and the price is slidely higher..

Anyway the "taukeh" is not too friendly, so that I'm not asking further on the price for separate items..

But if someone had an experience dealing with this "taukeh", can share the info with us :)..


  1. salam uncle aslahudin,
    jika perlukan kontraktor renovation, bole telefon ayah kami di no ini...0193907071..FAIZAL.

    terima kasih.

  2. salam...alrite, thanks Khalidah & Khairiah Jasmin..
    Anyway, dia wat tk utk plaster ceiling..just nk suh pasang jek..barang maybe beli sendiri..

  3. Assalamualaikum Saudara,

    Nak tanya, boleh tak recommendkan contractor untuk pasang plaster ceiling? nak yang harga reasonable + boleh start kerja immediately. thanks! Nik

  4. Salam, aslahuddin u psg PC dgn Lai tu kan...boley bg contact no x?tgk dia quote agak murah

  5. saya planning nak pasang plaser ceiling. rumah saya di puchong. ada tak any contractoer yg tau pasang plaster ceiling? budget saya dlm rm2000 je....

  6. hi...u can contact Mr Lai PS - 0193144938..:)

  7. kontrator plaster ceiling untuk kawasan utara, lawati:

  8. nak tnya, hasil kerja mr. lai ni ok x? sy tgh survey utk PC jgk nih..


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