Tuesday, January 24, 2012

.: Happy Chinese New Year :.

Wanna take this opportunity to wish all the readers Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

May this year of Dragon bring you lots of fortune, wisdom, abundance of health, love and your wishes and hopes come true in this year. All the best in the year – 2012!

Friday, January 20, 2012

.: Aleeya 7th Birthday Celebration :.

Today 20-1-12, we had arrange Aleeya 7th birthday celebration with her friend @ Taska Mawaddah..Even her birthday suppose to be tomorrow 21-1-12, it has been done earlier so that she can celebrate with her friends..

Below are some pics taken during the day @ Taska Mawaddah..

Angry Bird Cake..

Rayyan with the cake..

Aleeya pose with the Angry Bird..

Aleeya + Rayyan with the cake..

Aleeya with her friends..

Aleeya blow the candles..

Ready to cut the cake :)..

Pose with friends and cake..

Cik Jue feeding Aleeya with cake..

More pose with the friends..

Ready to go back to school after the birthday celebration..

Anyway, me and family wish you Aleeya, "Happy 7th birthday"..We always pray for the happiness and success for you in the year 2012..

p/s : we buy the cake from zeti owner of http://ovenmerah.blogspot.com/

Monday, January 9, 2012

.: Arman Rayhan 1st Birthday Celebration :.

Last Friday, 6-1-12 was Arman Rayhan 1st birthday and as per planned, there was some birthday celebration with his friend @ Taska Mawaddah..

Below are some pics taken during the day @ Taska Mawaddah..

Arman with his guardian, Kak Zie and friends before eat the cake..

Arman ate the cake :)..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

.: 2nd Day School : Update :.

It's already end of the 2nd day of school and tomorrow they will continue their journey for the 3rd day of school before having rest during the weekend...

Anyway, today is much relax for me since I've only observe + monitor my kids @ school..Alhamdulillah everything is in order and they are able to adapt with the school environment..

Below are some pics taken during the school day..

Aleeya with her friends enjoying their break time..

Assemble before heading to their class..

I've decided to continue monitor my kids till next Tuesday in order for them to familiarize with the environment + smooth communication with their teacher and friends..

.: Arman Rayhan 1st Birthday Preparation :.

Tomorrow 6-1-12 will be Arman Rayhan 1st birthday celebration..So tonight, me and kids together helping each other to prepare the goodies pack for their friends at Taska Mawaddah..

Below are some pics taken during the activities..

1st birthday cake for Arman..

Goodies bag theme "SpongeBob Squarepants"..

Food for Arman's friends..

Aleeya and Arman pose together..

Ar Rayyan with his drawing..

Me and kids busy packing the goodies pack..

Birthday boy..

Ready to distribute the goodies pack..

.: 2nd Day School :.

Today 5th January 2012 is a 2nd day of school for all the children..I've take the opportunity during my leave to monitor my kids @ school..

Will share the update later for the 2nd day school for my kids..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

.: 1st Day School :.

Today, 4th January 2012 is an official 1st day school..Alhamdulillah, finally me and my wife manage to handle Aleeya + Ar Rayyan on their 1st day school..Really tired but enjoy to see them able to adapt with the new environment..And now I can feel that how did our parents handle us on our 1st day during our childhood :)..

Below are some pics taken during the day..

Morning pose before heading to KAFA :)..

Standard 1 Ikhlas, Aleeya's class for this year..

Aleeya and friends in the class..

More pics with friends..

Queuing for food during recess..

Nasi lemak, menu for breakfast..

Pose with the food..

Ibu and Aleeya @ the canteen..

Aleeya and friends @ primary school..

Assembly @ the canteen before having break..

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