Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.: Air Asia BIG Sale :.

Air Asia sale is back..A lot of cheap tickets has been sold out on last 19th Feb 2012..We only managed to book tickets for our family vacation to Langkawi on this coming Dec 2012..

Below are some pics taken during our family vacation for the past 7 years :)..

1st family vacation @ Langkawi on last 2005..

Me and Aleeya with the AirAsia plane..

2nd family vacation @ Bandung on last 2009..

Me, Ibu and Aleeya in Tengkuban Perahu..

3rd family vacation @ Bandung on last 2009..

One big happy family :)..

Pics taken with our family @ Tengkuban Perahu..

This is a long wait for us to have another vacation together and we choose to go to Langkawi as a beginning :)..Really hope that we can have another trip with our big family in the future, Insya Allah..

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