Wednesday, January 9, 2013

.: Langkawi Trip 2012 :.

As posted in earlier post Air Asia BIG Sale, we went for holiday at Langkawi on last 4th - 7th December 2012..Below are our Langkawi trip itinerary..

4th December 2012
3:45pm - Arrival at Lankawi Airport
4:30pm - Check in @ Malibest Hotel
6pm - 12am - Leisure

5th December 2012
8:00am - Sight Seeing @ Pantai Chenang Beach
1:30pm - Buffola Park Trip
2:30pm - Underwater World Trip
4pm - 12am - Leisure

6th December 2012
9:00am - Island Hopping & Eagle Watching Tour
4:00pm - Makam Mahsuri Trip
7pm - 12am - Leisure

7th December 2012
2:45pm : Beras Terbakar Trip
3:15pm - Chill @ Laksa Power Pantai Airport
5:30pm - Departure from Langkawi

Below are some pics taken during our trip at Langkawi..

Happy face before heading to airport..

Malibest Hotel..

Chill @ Pantai Cenang..

Arman @ Pantai Cenang..

Ar Rayyan @ Pantai Cenang..

Aleeya @ Pantai Cenang..

Available Holiday Package @ Langkawi..

Kids @ Buffalo Park..

Me and kids @ Underwater World..

On the boat heading to Island Hopping..

Swimming @ Lake of the Pregnant Maiden..

Stop for Eagle feeding..

3rd stop @ Beras Basah Island..

Makam Mahsuri Trip..

Me and kids @ Makam Mahsuri..

Kids with the newly bags..

Trip to Beras Terbakar..

Chill @ Laksa Power Pantai Airport..

Heading back to KL..

Hope we can visit again Lankawi in the future..

We really hope that we can arrange another family vacation on year 2013..Hope it will come to reality :)..

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